I would like to offer you several locations to choose from when you schedule your appointment. All photo shoots will be shot at one location, unless specified otherwise by you. (There will be an additional cost for more than one location, as well as for locations in which I have to travel to your home or place of preference.)

1. Our family farm in Waterview has many photo opportunities, and will be my "home base" for shooting most sessions.

2. Burkesville has plenty of hidden potential as well.  There are several spots I like to use that are minutes from each other.

3. The old cabin behind my home on Church Street is also a great spot. Small doorways provide a neat frame, especially for small children.

4.  On location at your home or place of choice.  I can do indoor or outdoor pictures.

If you have viewed my pictures on facebook, you have noticed that I do not use fixed backdrops.  I prefer natural looking photographs, whether that be indoor or outdoor.  Don't get me wrong, I love a neat background, but I want it to be "real".  I am always searching for new spots to create that perfect look for you.  I also love using natural light as much as possible.

Contact Information

email: l-atm1@hotmail.com

phone: (270-459-0250)

I also have a page and group on Facebook:
Leigh Morgan Photography